I went on my YouTube channel just now and realised that the last video I posted was a month ago and it made me really sad. One of the best things I did during the summer break was pump out videos for my channel and now that the semester is well underway, I’ve straight up just abandoned it.

Of course, I haven’t abandoned it entirely. I’ve constantly been thinking about new video ideas that I could do. I love doing vlogs. I’ve stopped making them only to come back to them so many times on my channel because they’re so much fun to do. The only thing is, I have nothing good to show people. My life is really just uni and work and church and that’s it. So on that front I think I won’t do weekly vlogs, I might just vlog a certain even like I did when I went to the Melbourne Star. I’ve got some videos of when I did the Colour Run but I don’t know if it’s enough. We’ll see.

I’ve got ideas for sketches and stuff. God knows if they’ll be any good but I want to try it out anyway. It’ll make me laugh. Because of all this new content I’ve been coming up with behind the scenes I wasn’t sure if I should start up a fresh new YouTube channel. I’ve been going back and forth on it (and still am) but the general opinion I have right now is that I love my current channel. I mean, it’s not that quality and I only have 7 subscribers so I could honestly just scrap it right now but I put so much effort into the videos that are already up there and it’s close to my heart. So I’m sticking with it I think. Worse comes to worse I’ll just private the old videos, lmao.

I wanted to film myself saying all of this but my skin decided to give up on itself this week so I decided against it.

I can’t wait for the end of semester because I’ve got almost a month break until the next semester and I’m going to use that month to catch up on TV shows and make YouTube videos. Hell yeah.


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