Semester one 2017 is OVER baby and I finished it on the most anti-climactic note. I mean, I guess everyone finishes semester looking and feeling like death so it was to be expected. My last assessment of the semester was an essay about a prominent Asian figure and when we were handed this assignment I was so excited. I expected to fully immerse myself in the research and arguments about said Asian figure and come out with the greatest essay ever written. But life comes at you hard.

The essay was due Monday (today, actually, at midnight. I still have time to fix it but I do not want to go anywhere near it). I thought I’d have ample time to do it but the thing is, I didn’t account for the fact that two other assignments were due very close to it. I ended up not having enough time. I also overestimated my level of willingness to do another assignment after I was done with the other two. So I finished the semester with a subpar essay on Lee Kuan Yew that for sure disappoints me, my tutor, my ancestors and probably Mr. Lee Kuan Yew himself. Sorry.

This semester has been a wild ride. I feel like I was thrust into it and forced to keep my head above the water. Despite that, I enjoyed it and I really learned a lot. I learned about not just what they taught me but I learned a lot about myself and how I work within the world. Here are some of the things I’ve learned this semester:

  1. Group work: My course really emphasises group assignments which is both a blessing and a curse. I’ve learned a lot about dealing with people through the nightmares that have been group work. I’ve learned to be as direct as possible and I’ve taken this on not just in collaborative situations but in life in general. I’ve always been a quiet, non-confrontational person but honestly I’m a different person after this.
  2. Boys aren’t worth it: They just aren’t. Focus on yourself.
  3. Just be: I wanted to excel as much as possible at uni this semester and if that means looking like an absolute nerd then so be it. #2 ties in a lot to this. I can’t let anyone else influence me and my goals. Bahala na sila.
  4. Focus: I can’t improve if I don’t focus. I literally had to write down a list of things I wanted to care about and improve on this year. I wouldn’t be able to stick to it if I didn’t. I’m so easily pulled every which way, I could care about exercising one week and then care about wanting to draw better the next. Pick one, stick to it and that’s when you’ll see improvements.

What I’m the most happy about is that this semester was different from last semester just as last semester was different from the one before it. That’s all I can ask for. If every semester is different it means that I’m learning new things. I’m constantly growing and changing.


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