It’s interesting how much you realise you want to do when you write it all down. Most of these things on my ‘TO DO’ wall are things I don’t need to do, they are all things I want to do and I realised that there is a lot I want to do. There are even more beyond these six but these are immediate things. I think I might keep it to six things on this wall so I can really focus on doing them.

Photo Blur_Jul042017_005410

Writing them down like this helps to remind me that these are things I want to do. If you’ve got a chaotic brain like I do, you run on impulses and forget the other thing you want to do the moment you realise you really want to finish an Xbox game. This method helps me decide to do things intentionally rather than just doing it when I feel like it.

Speaking of Xbox games, I’ve been playing Sunset Overdrive lately and it’s made me realise that life is a lot like a video game in that when you finish one hard ass mission you go straight onto the next. These are my ‘missions’. Once I blaze through these six, there will more to do. That’s life. Keep going.


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